Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Don't Ditch the Dairy

I was asked to take a look at a range of products from Lactofree, in a bid to raise awareness for lactose intolerant people. It's not something I've ever considered before, not being lactose intolerant, myself, but it certainly got me thinking about how on earth people, who do have this problem, manage.

For people with the condition, it can mean unpleasant digestive effects due to them not being able to produce enough of the lactase enzyme.

Lactose is present in many things that you'd not expect, including crisps and biscuits, so it is not easily avoided. There are dairy substitutes such as soya or rice milk, but I know some people who find these unpalatable, forcing them to give up anything milk-like all together.
Of course, dairy produce is important in the diet, being a good source of calcium and other beneficial vitamins, so it seems quite worrying that there are people who are missing out.
Lactofree's products are real dairy, but completely lactose free, and can be used as any normal dairy product.
The milk, or dairy drink, is great tasting, I couldn't tell the difference between it and regular cow's milk. It worked just the same in tea and coffee and made a great milkshake.

I also tried the semi hard cheese, which has a slightly springy texture, but is creamy in the mouth, with a slightly tangy taste, not unlike Edam. It behaves just like normal cheese and melts well in cooking.
There is a soft white cheese available too, which is great for spreading and would be perfect for making a creamy pasta sauce or for whipping up into frosting for a carrot cake (made with oil instead of butter, of course).

Lactofree have portion packs too, which means a trip to the cafe or on holiday is much easier and you can have the perfect cup of tea or coffee, anytime.
I think this is all great news for lactose intolerant people and it would be fantastic to see Lactofree cream and ice cream added to the range too.
For more information, recipes and advice visit the Lactofree website: www.lactofree.co.uk
Lactofree product images from Lactofree website


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