Just a quick, but important note on the photography used in my blog...

All of the images contained within this blog are under the copyright to myself unless otherwise stated.
Please do not copy or use any of the images without prior consent from me – I am within my rights to give you a friendly warning before any action is taken for unauthorised usage.
It is advised that if you wish to use any of the images, that you contact me PRIOR to use.

With regards to any images that are copyrighted to childsdesign, please contact them direct through their website: www.childsdesign.com

Sorry if this sounds a wee bit harsh, but it is best for both of us, to make things clear to save any embarrassment.

– Cheeky Spouse.

Below are some slideshows of food photography produced by childsdesign.
If you are a food producer, publisher etc and are interested in their services, please contact them.



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