It is a real pleasure for me to write about various products and to know that I have made people feel happy with my reviews.
Here are some of the kind comments from those people I have featured.

I think it's a great piece – many thanks for your support and I must agree with how educationally valuable Open Farm Sunday can be in helping to educate the youth of today.
Laura Bates, Ceres PR (for Open Farm Sunday)
Flipping heck that's fantastic! Thanks so much. Top job.
Sara Stewart, Mad As A March Hare 
(for Planit Products QuickSteam bags)

Thanks for sending this across – this is great, thanks so much. I will certainly be keeping you in mind for future product reviews.
Nicole Kennedy, The Bottom Line Consultancy 
(for Douwe Egberts)

Thanks for the lovely piece you've put together for 
Farmhouse Breakfast week.
Laura Bates, Ceres PR

I think you've really captured the essence of 'A Slice of Cherry Pie' and I'm so pleased that you like the book. Thank you!
Elizabeth of Mar, Absolute Press
(Book review: A Slice of Cherry Pie by Julia Parsons)

It's wonderful and Henry very pleased.
Fiona Smith, Heady of Publicity, Octopus Publishing Group
(Book review: Leon 2 by Henry Dimbleby & John Vincent)

Thanks for your great blog post.
We are looking forward to meeting you at Chocolate Unwrapped!
Julian, Chocri

Very very very nice! Thanks
Mark McGinlay, Quadrille Publishing
(Book review: Kitchen Garden Companion by Stephanie Alexander)
Thank you so much. What a lovely review. 
I'm glad you enjoyed the teas.
Kate Gover, Lahloo

Thanks for the blog write-up – very happy indeed. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the coffee.
Steven Macatonia, Union Hand-Roasted

Excellent blog post, we appreciate it so much. 
It's really important for us to raise awareness not just through fellow lactose intolerant sufferers.
So again, many thanks! 
We're sharing this all across our channels.
Chris Welton, Lactofree

Fantastic! Thanks so much – it reads beautifully – do come and see us anytime.
Sam, Sipsmith

A great review thanks! 
Steve Bailey, Baileys Real Food 

What a fantastic piece - thank you!!! 
You really captured our story well.
Rachel Allen, Hafod Cheese

What a lovely piece – thank you very much. I'm glad you liked the Chutney – all feedback has been great and really useful and we hope everyone else enjoys the Green Bean Chutney too!
Liz Cuff, Tracklements

Just snuck a peek at your blog....ah thank you, such kind words and you have made my day.
Claire Martinsen, Breckland Orchard

Glad you enjoyed the muffin and and thank you so much for a delightful review. It was such fun to meet you at Letchworth – really cheered me up at the end of a very long, hot day.
Look forward to the next occasion and meanwhile, keep up the enjoyable blog.
Ros, Magog Muffin

Wow thank you so much, what a lovely photo too.
Karen Nethercott, Samphire

I love the site and what a lovely write up thank you. I am glad you are enjoying Linseed meal. You've really good recipes I like the idea of the crackers.
Clare, Flax Farm

Wow – what a write up...thank you! I'm so pleased that you're a teapigs fan and continue to enjoy the new blends!
Hannah, teapigs

Thank you very much for writing about us. It is great to get feedback and we're going to try and make the pesto when we have some spare time!
Tom and John, Love Farm

Thank you for your very kind comments about us and The Pearl Fisher. But remember, it works both ways – if we have friendly and appreciative guests then we too feel uplifted.
Jan and Gary, The Pearl Fisher

Many thanks!!! It's so kind of you. It makes it all worth it and worth the efforts when we receive feedback like yours...
Delphine, Leaf

Thank you so much for the mention in your blog.
It reads really well and is very supportive of our products, for which we are very grateful.
Nice to know we have a fan!
Brian Goodhand and Rizwan Rashid, Adesso Foods
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