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Be converted

Readers of my blog may have noticed the inconsistencies in the weights and measures used, as in some of my recipes may use old school ounces while others use the more up-to-date grams etc.
Maybe I should try to standardise things (perhaps for my future recipe book) but my attitude is alas a tad relaxed on that front, so I haven't changed things since I first cooked a dish. I come from a time when pounds and ounces were the norm and I've got used to using imperial measurements.

However you'll also find metric measurements used as well as American ones, like cups – it rather depends upon where the recipe originated from. I have realised this could be somewhat confusing for a few people and have put together some handy charts to download and print out, so you can happily start converting to suit your preference.

Oven temperatures are included too. My parental home cook on gas, in my very first home I had an electric oven, then I moved and now I'm back on the gas again, so I appreciate the need for a handy chart to convert my old recipes.

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