About Me

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa Childs and I'm passionate about food and cooking and live in the World's First Garden City of Letchworth with my husband. I grew up in Bedfordshire and have been a Home Counties girl ever since.

I started my blog, Taste Bud Travels, at the beginning of 2008 after finally feeling the need to share my food experiences with everyone, whether I knew them or not. Blogging was not something I knew much about and it wasn't until one of my explorations of the internet, where I discovered other food blogs, I thought why not write one myself.

Food is never far from my mind, not in the sense that I'm always hungry or even greedy, but more that I am forever imagining the next dish I'd like to cook.
Often my time in the kitchen is spent putting things together in a rather intuitive way but I do also cook from recipes, my huge cookery book collection being instructive and inspirational.

It would be wrong to say that I'm a self-taught cook as I was lucky enough to have been at school at a time when cookery was on the curriculum, I only dropped the subject out of necessity to pursue art and science, but that's another story.
By spending time in the kitchen with either my Mum or Grandma I picked up lots of hints and tips. Our family has always cooked, even my Dad would enjoy creating a curry or his version of a risotto/paella, which I still make today.

I remember watching many a television cookery programme as a child and The Galloping Gourmet and even Fanny Craddock set me on course to wanting to be able to cook the same way.
Later during the eighties, people like Keith Floyd, Anton Mosimann, the Roux Brothers and Madhur Jaffrey became an inspiration and gave me the confidence to try something new and challenging.

I am a home cook at heart and don't necessarily have aspirations of becoming the next Masterchef, but I have a genuine passion for good ingredients, local produce and I like to take that little bit of extra care with every dish I make.

When I'm not writing my blog, by day, I work alongside my husband in our graphic design company or I'm pursuing our newest venture, The Artisan Food Trail, where we raise awareness of small food businesses throughout the UK.

If you wish, you can look me up on LinkedIn. Just send me a message through LinkedIn and I may connect with you. Click on the logo...

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