Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Good Growing

It’s time for a follow up again, on what’s been growing in the garden, and I have to say that I’m very proud of the potatoes.
What started out as an experiment started back in March has proved to be most fruitful. From a few wrinkly sprouting potatoes lying in the bottom of the vegetable trolley, a surprising amount of fresh baby spuds have been born – 2 kilograms in fact.
These are quite special potatoes as well; the variety is Vivaldi – one of my favourites for its exceptional flavour and texture. It’s so creamy, almost buttery, so you don’t even have to add butter, but it is nice, all the same!
We have an assortment of sizes – nothing huge – but they are perfect cooked in their thin skins, as ‘new potatoes’, tossed with chopped dill (yes, I’ve grown that too).

The gooseberries have now been picked too. They’re not particularly large, but it’s not all about size is it? Flavour is what counts.

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