Thursday, 17 June 2010

Family Values: Jackson Bars from Baileys Real Food Company

Thanks must go to Baileys Real Foods who entrusted me with two varieties of their Jackson Bars to try.
I unfortunately missed them on their stand at the Real Food Festival, but keen as we both were, me to taste their bars and for them to have me test them, Baileys kindly sent some in the post.

Baileys is a family run business in Herefordshire and they are passionate about promoting real food, health and happiness. The Jackson Bar, a type of flapjack was born from their own need to find a healthy and satisfying snack. What is very important to them, is that there is no over zealous adding of sugar and where the sweetness comes in an entirely natural form of honey, fruit juice or brown rice syrup.
The bars are indeed wholesome, using British oats and lots of seeds as the base for all the varieties.

I tried the 'Original' which had added fruits; raisins, sultanas, apricots and dates, and the 'Naughty' one with chocolate and marshmallows.
I was most impressed, the taste is rich and decidedly moreish and the texture wonderfully crumbly yet moist. I did end up with a lap full of crumbs, but who cares!
There's something of a good homemade quality about them, that no one would ever know if I popped them on to a plate and passed them off as my own creation, hiding the packaging first of course!

These would be great to take on a hiking trip, as they keep you going for a long time. After having one, I didn't feel hungry for hours – that must be the slow release qualities of the oats and low sugar content doing their work.

I only wish they were sold in a shop near me, but as yet I'll just have to order them.
Other varieties to enjoy are Tropical, Lovers, Nutty and Hot Spice. 
Of the two I tried, I preferred the Original - - - More please!

For more information and where to buy, visit Bailey's Real Food website: baileysrealfood.co.uk

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