Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New for June: Green Bean Chutney from Tracklements

I'm pleased to say that I'm a privileged member of the Tracklements club. There's no catch, just sign up on their website and if you're chosen, well that's it, you're in the club, so to speak.
Well, what do I get for being a member? A nice little starter pack was delivered to my door containing three of their products, a booklet, some recipe cards, a quality apron and a rather snazzy jute bag. A lot more than I was expecting.

One of the products was a pre-launch jar from their limited edition Seasonal Range – Green Bean Chutney. The accompanying literature simply asked me to give my feedback and post back to Tracklements – simple. I've done that now, but as June is the month that the chutney goes on sale, I thought it would be nice to share my experience of it with you.

According to Tracklements, Green Bean Chutney is the antecedent of Piccalilli. It looks a lot like it's relation in the jar, a bright rich yellow. I spooned some out on to my plate and the beans were generously dominant – a good inch or so long. It certainly didn't disappoint on the quantity of the star ingredient, as is sometimes the case with other off the shelf pickles. The beans were nice and crunchy and bathed in a sweet, yet piquant sauce (can I call it that?) its luscious golden turmeric hue, dotted with juicy sultanas and pepped up by mustard, was quite moreish and went well with some bread and goats cheese. The literature suggests it goes well with cold meats or pork pies, but the right type of strong cheese really sets it off too.

Although commercially produced, all of Tracklements products are handmade in small batches, utilising fresh ingredients to traditional recipes. I can imagine huge bubbling pots being hand stirred by people wielding giant wooden spoons – whether this is true or not, I quite like that self conjured image in my mind.
Either way, the end result does have a home made quality to it.

For more information on Tracklements products and where to buy, visit their website: www.tracklements.co.uk


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