Monday, 24 May 2010

Flax Farm Linseed Meal

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm about to write about an equine food supplement from the title of this post, as linseed is indeed fed to horses to improve their health. Well, what's good for horses is good for us too. Aside from the health benefits, such as improved digestion, balanced hormones and better immunity, flax or linseed is bloomin' tasty too.

Flax Farm is situated in Sedgwick, West Sussex and produces a variety of products using their own British grown linseed. I've often been out and about in the countryside and seen fields of cool blue flowers swaying in the breeze, and that soft floral sea, is linseed – quite beautiful.

Flax Farm supports traditional farming methods using small fields, which means that there are more hedgerows and ditches that provide a rich habitat for wildlife.

When I stopped by Flax Farm's stand at the Real Food Festival I tried some of their flaxjacks and they're utterly delicious. Really moist and quite moreish. The linseed imparts quite a unique flavour, somewhere between a grassy green freshness and nuttiness that would work well in both sweet and savoury foods.
Rather than buy some ready baked items, I decided on a big bag of their golden linseed meal, which I could then experiment with. It didn't take long before a flurry of recipe ideas rushed into my head.

Later, I made some seedy crackers, replacing 50g of the flour with the linseed meal. It was easy to incorporate into the cracker mixture and didn't have any adverse effect on the final texture – I would say that it possibly improved it. I'm now looking forward to adding it to bread and cakes too.
There's lots of recipe ideas on Flax Farm's website, so I may give those a try as well.

For more information and to buy online:
Field and flower photos taken from Flax Farm website.

For my recipe for Seedy Crackers using Flax Farm linseed meal click HERE


Anonymous said...

I want to make some flapjacks using the linseed meal but not using butter. Can anyone help me please?

Cheeky Spouse said...

You can use oil instead. If the recipe suggests using 100g butter then use 100ml of oil.
Basically the amount in grams becomes the amount in millilitres.
Sunflower oil is good but I like to use extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil like the one from Yare Valley Oils http://yarevalleyoils.co.uk

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