Sunday, 16 May 2010

Essential Oil from Love Farm

I’ve seen chefs on the television using it and read articles about it, but until now I’ve never tasted rapeseed oil. This particular oil should not be confused with the kind sold as vegetable oil in those big bottles in the supermarket, it is far removed from the over processed cooking oil.

On a recent visit to London’s Real Food Festival I met up with John and Tom Brooks of Love Farm. The young brothers had become weary of life in London and moved back to their family farm in Suffolk to set up growing their rapeseed crop.
The rapeseeds are cold pressed and the golden oil extracted, is pure, unadulterated and therefore extra virgin.
I tried some while at their stand and was immediately impressed by the fresh and nutty flavour and light mouth-feel. On that positive judgement, I just had to buy a bottle.
I appreciate good olive oil and this relatively new product could easily compete against any Mediterranean oil.
Apart from the taste, what I love about this oil is that it’s 100% British and locally sourced.

Those who are interested in the benefits of the Mediterranean diet will be pleased to know that rapeseed oil is actually very healthy, Being packed with a natural source of Omega 3, 6 and 9, high in poly and mono-saturated fats and low in saturated fats it could easily rival olive oil. Fewer food miles too.

Rapeseed oil is versatile in that it can be used in dressings or just drizzled. The high burning point makes it ideal for roasting and frying too.

The product looks good in its tall, yet chunky bottle and the label design reflects the young guys’ passion behind the Suffolk farm. Not only do they care about what’s in the bottle, but how the label should look. This, they told me, was so important, that they went to several markets with various label ideas and got people to give their opinions before deciding on what route to take. I could see this sitting happily on the supermarket shelves as it would have a wide appeal to customers.

Love Farm does have a website but it’s currently under construction:

To find out more contact John and Tom by email:

Tel: 01787 210481

For my delicious Watercress Pesto recipe
using Love Farm Rapeseed Oil click HERE


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