Friday, 28 May 2010

Eat Without Sin – Magog Muffins

It's not often you come across a totally ethical muffin, but Magog Muffins in Cambridgeshre have made it their mission to produce a baked treat that meets that criteria.

Ingredients including, eggs that are laid within a few hundred yards of their kitchen, flour grown and milled in their county and butter comes from cows grazed in Cambridgeshire too. Even the apples and carrots are grown and picked from their own garden or those of their friends. What can't be sourced locally is organic and fair trade.

Magog is committed to being palm oil free and regulary checks that its ingredients, especialy chocolate does not contain it. So if you are conscious about the environmental effects of palm oil plantations then Magog muffins may be consumed without guilt.

Having tasted the free muffin (thanks) that I was given at the Letchworth Food Festival, I would say that a lot of love also goes into making them. Each one is hand wrapped, which shows the care and attention that goes into each and every one.
I tried the apricot and almond one. It was very moist and light and not too sweet, another sin free aspect of Magog's muffins. Sugar is kept to a minimum to make them more healthy allowing the natural fruit to do the sweetening which makes them quite sophisticated in flavour.

Magog Muffins are available by mail order click to buy
Contact by email: MagogMuffins@gmail.com
For more information and to keep up to date on the latest muffin flavours:

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