Wednesday, 26 May 2010

High Chive

I would say that chives are one of the most versatile herbs - the leaves are perfect snipped into a potato salad, or an omelette, lending a subtle onion flavour to any dish that demands it. No need to bother with a chopping board and knife, just by grasping a bunch in your hand and cutting away at the ends with the kitchen scissors, it couldn't be simpler. They look pretty too, like little emerald flecks.

My garden seems to provide the ideal conditions for chives to thrive, as each year, the clumps get bigger and bigger, that I need not worry how much I pick.
They give me much amusement too, when next door's cat comes in for her 'medicine', she often mistakes chives for grass. The look on that poor feline's face as she gets that strong taste in her mouth.

I couldn't resist taking the photo as I think chives have the most attractive blooms and they're edible too. When the mood takes me I might take an artistic approach to the most basic salad, and chuck in a few flower heads. Unlike the leaves, the flowers are extremely pungent and quite hot, so go easy if you're not prepared for the shock!


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