Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Slice of Cherry Pie

As a food blogger, it is inspiring to see that it's possible to eventually have one's work in print. Julia Parsons has carved a nice niche for herself in the world of food blogs (she is also the founder of the UK Food Bloggers Association) and her voice is always assured and passionate about the very thing she loves.
In her first book, A Slice of Cherry Pie, she gives us a glimpse into both her childhood and daily life through culinary stories and nostalgic evocations, which I'm sure many British people feel they can relate to.

Cristian Barnett's photograph's present the food well, everything looks appetising and is guaranteed to make the mouth water. As well as the conventional cookbook layout, there are also pages that draw their influences from old photo albums or scrapbooks, faded polaroids, snapshots and notes stuck down with distressed sticky tape. Ephemera made everlasting.

I don't think there is a recipe I wouldn't want to cook and I've earmarked several for future kitchen exploration. The Pea-stuffed Chicken Breasts with Parmesan Crusts (p.39) sounds intriguing, as well as the Pot Roast Pheasants with Chestnuts and Mushrooms (p.130)
Echoing my own family's habits, there are good traditional dishes too like Heavenly Roast Chicken (p.148), Fish Pie (p.82) and Shepherd's Pie (p.163), guaranteed to get everyone around the table and digging in.

The book is sectioned by either the seasons, occasions or mood and the recipes contained within suitably reflect those special moments.
There's no focus on a particular cuisine, and that's a good point. The book is Julia Parsons' culinary journey through life and love. True cooking from the heart.

A Slice of Cherry Pie by Julia Parsons is published by Absolute Press.
Hardback RRP £16.99
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