Sunday, 13 March 2011

Potty: Clarissa's One Pot Cookbook

I've been lucky enough to have received a fair few review copies from various publishers, over the last few months and one particular book has sat patiently waiting for my attention. I've had a copy of Potty by Clarissa Dickson Wright hanging around since just before Christmas, but with one thing and another, particulary the day job taking up much of my time it somehow got shelved. That said, it is not because it isn't worthy of my consideration, quite the opposite. So, even at this rather late stage, I feel it deserves my positive evaluation.

People may remember the BBC's cookery programme, Two Fat Ladies and the larger than life women zooming around Britain with their motorcycle and sidecar. Clarissa travelled in the sidecar alongside her TV companion Jennifer Paterson and together they cooked up robust butter-laden dishes at various grand locations.

Potty is a great recipe book for those who loathe washing up as everything is cooked in one pot, tray, dish or whatever. Don't be misled into thinking that one-pot cooking means stews or casseroles, as Clarissa book proves that anything from a roast to a stir-fry can be economical on the cooking implements.
I love good home cooking and this book has some mouth-watering but easy to prepare dishes. No faffing around trying to create restaurant standard food, this is honest to goodness proper stuff.

What I love about one-pot cooking is that it can often be left in the oven while I get on with something else. The slow cooking allows you to use cheaper cuts of meat that benefit from this method resulting in meltingly tender mouthfuls.

Not only are there savoury delights, but some heavenly puddings too, like the magic chocolate pudding that creates its own sauce or even a sophisticated Claret Jelly.
The recipes cover a multitude of cuisines and international influences, so there's something for everyone.
Clarissa Dickson Wright has written many cookery books and a her authoritative style has the ability to instill confidence in any cook.

Potty: Clarissa's One Pot Cookbook by Clarissa Dickson Wright is published by Hodder & Stoughton.
Hardback RRP £20.00
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Book kindly supplied by Hodder & Stoughton


Jenny Eatwell said...

I heartily concur with your positive review of this book. I picked it up recently from my local library and am seriously considering adding it to my birthday list as it is a wonderful confidence giver, as well as a source of intriguing recipes. So often, one picks up a cook book only to find that the recipes within are potentially ahead of your current skill level. Not so with "Potty".

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