Monday, 8 November 2010

Three Counties Kitchen

From left to right: Sara Abbott, Me, Nick Coffer (behind), Phil Fanning

I'm not the sort of person that readily steps in to the limelight, so when I was invited (through Twitter) to take part on a local radio programme I had some reservations. After some deliberation, I thought why not, it isn't everyday an opportunity like that comes along.

For my part in the programme I was requested to bring along two dishes I'd made, one main course and one dessert. Following a telephone conversation with the presenter, Nick Coffer we agreed that my Grandma's Victoria Sponge recipe would be good and then later I settled on making a winter warmer of Lamb Goulash with Caraway Dumplings. This was a good option as the dish needed to be reheated in the microwave when I got there.

I had a brilliant time once I got over the initial butterflies. It was lovely to meet some very nice people too. Phil Fanning, who is the head chef at Paris House in Woburn brought in some amazing and intricate dishes. 
I actually got the chance to try some fine dining, albeit in the Luton radio studio. His chowder completely changed my mind about saffron, so I won't be shying away from that particular spice anymore. Phil's interesting take on Black Forest gateau was quite stunning too.

Sara Abbott a Master of Wine from Bedford brought in a refreshing English white wine from Kent. English wine has had a bad reputation in the past, but it has come a long way over the years, which her choice proved.
She also chose a full-bodied French red to go with my goulash, and it was a perfect partner indeed.

I got to talk about the dishes I made and I think, if I'd had the chance,
I would have talked about food for hours, but it's startling how fast two hours passes.

Anyway enough of my waffling, if you want to find out what I talked about, or to listen to Phil's chef secrets or Sara's witty wine chatter, you can listen to the programme on iPlayer up until the evening of Saturday 13th November.
The BBC iPlayer link is no longer available but you can listen to an edited version of the radio programme in my In the Media section. Click here.

Want to be on the radio?
If you're a foodie and live in the Herts, Beds and Bucks region, and would like to appear on the programme, just drop me an email and I can give you contact details.

Photo taken from BBC Three Counties Radio website


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