Monday, 23 August 2010

The Big Yum

It didn’t take us long to munch our way through a bag of these no nonsense treats. Each crunchy, chocolate pretzel was so moreish, that one immediately led on to another, and they were gone so quickly, there was no opportunity for a photo (had to borrow one).

Very appropriately named, The Big Yum, have found a gap in the market for those still hankering after Pretzel Flipz – remember those? Big Yum like to call their snacks chocolate swerves, but in common with the aforementioned nibbles, they too are salted pretzels enrobed in (better quality) milk chocolate.

Looking at the thankfully short ingredients list, there is indeed a no nonsense approach – no added nasties, only what’s needed to make this an enjoyable treat.

What more can I say than, I really like them. Salt does combine well with chocolate and if there are any non-believers out there, you should try them for yourself.

For information and where to buy, visit The Big Yum Website: thebigyum.co.uk

Photos: Big Yum website


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