Sunday, 11 May 2008

Flavour Immersion: Adesso Marinades

Olive oil is known for its health giving benefits, so why not choose the best for a tasty marinade? Addesso certainly haven't skimped on quality here, the oil is of high calibre and the added flavours have been thoughtfully put together to create a range of delicious marinades in which to bathe a variety of foods.

Presently, there are four to choose from: Portuguese Inspired Hot – with muscovado sugar and chillies for something which is spicy and sweet; Lemon and Herb – it's zinginess and freshness bursting from real lemon peel, oregano, mint and basil; Chermoulla of Morocco – warm and musky from the cumin and coriander and added heat from some cayenne pepper.

Finally, Orange and Honey. 
I have already broken the seal on this one and used it to flavour some cod which I seared in a pan until everything took on an agreeable caramelisation. 
It works surprisingly well with the fish. The orange is not overpoweringly orangey, but it gives that nice background zing. The herbs took the form of rosemary and thyme, which, I think, complement fish very well.
I served this with fennel bulb, sliced and slow-cooked, confit-style, in olive oil with added fennel seeds. Cooked Jersey new potatoes, tossed in some butter with chopped parsley and capers completed the dish.

I'm looking forward to opening the rest and experimenting with other meats and vegetables, and maybe putting them on the barbeque. The Chermoulla variety is begging to be poured over some lamb and I can imagine chicken with the others…or maybe prawns.

For more information visit www.adessofoods.co.uk
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