Sunday, 20 April 2008

Food Heaven

This place can't be real! Am I really here, on earth? Or have I died and gone to heaven?

An extended London visit took us to Whole Foods Market in Kensington High Street, after a sleepless night's stay in Hammersmith, following a fabulous night out at a Björk concert.
We were still very hungry after the Holiday Inn Express breakfast, which to be frank, wasn't up to my standards. I hate sliced bread and I detest it even more when it goes through the conveyor toasting machine, only to emerge as dry hot floppy bread. I want proper toast and decent jam and marmalade to spread on it. Tasteless mini sachet portions of preserve will not do!

We came to Whole Foods Market in search of skyr, a delicious, yoghurt-like product from Iceland. On first tasting it, on one of our holidays there, we were seduced by it's creaminess – a creaminess which is not sinful as it's very low in fat.

Although we were on our mission, the rest of the shop could not be by-passed, so we made a grand tour.
I have never seen anything quite like it – everything you could possibly imagine, artfully arranged in piles of temptation. Everything is so fresh, colourful and enticing, that I fell into a state of culinary rapture!

Calming down after much excitement we bought our pots of blueberry skyr and ate it outside, (thankfully it comes with a spoon) our appetites now sated and bliss achieved!

For more information about skyr visit: www.skyr.is

So far, Whole Foods Market are the only stockists of skyr in the UK: www.wholefoodsmarket.co.uk

Photo taken from Skyr.is website


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